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Tom Daldin & Jim Edelman

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October 17 - 12:00 PM


Tom Daldin is an Emmy award winning producer, actor and writer, who has created programs that have aired across Michigan and around the U.S. on PBS. He has also won a number of “best actor” awards in both commercial television and industrial films. Growing up in Birmingham, Tom has always been a fan of travel. At the age of 12 he joined the World Adventure Series Club at the Detroit Institute of Arts where his mother would drop him off to watch travel log films. After graduation from Oakland University with a degree in journalism, Tom, his wife Cathy and their children have turned Michigan into their vacation playground, exploring its many wonders and attractions. Tom loves people and loves where he lives.

Jim Edelman’s path to television producer took him from Radio Talk Show Producer to Radio Promotion Director to Radio Sales Manager to National Radio Sales (Jim loved radio). Jim’s attention to detail, idea generation and the sales chops to keep the show funding flowing, help complete the circle of skills for Under the Radar Michigan. UTR fulfills a lifelong mission to combine the best of his sales skills with the creative guy that’s always been lurking in the shadows. His love of storytelling and searching for off-beat, little known stories really makes his day. 
Jim attended many colleges but learned more working for the Detroit Pistons, as a Ski Instructor, Bicycle Racing Producer, Tomato Picker and Bakers Assistant. He lives in Salem with his wife and 2 daughters and insists that he’s quite normal despite owning four cats. He’s also typing this in the third person.


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